Easy Mood Boosters

Are you feeling the blue? Its time for you to give your mood a healthy boost of energy and life. Beat the blues with these healthy and smart strategies. Tap into a happy tune and flow with the energy

Re-connect with your friends: The best way to lift up a low mood is through socializing.

Send a cheery mail to all your friend whom you havent been able to keep in touch for a long time due to time constraints. Several researches conducted believe that socializing is very effective in getting rid of dull feelings.

Go singing: Try humming a tune. Seriuosly try this out and see the results immediately. Whenever you are feeling low, try singing your favorite tune. Singing helps in lifitng your spirits and energy levels.As you sing, you breathe deeply and thereby release the tension.

Spray the essence: Aromatherapy is the best way to get rid of the gloomy feeling. Spray on some lovely flower essence. Try lavender oil, it helps in releiving tension and relaxing your senses. Open all the windows of your room and let the sunlight come in.

Put your dancing shoes on: Get the energy levels high and go dancing. Dance is the most ctreative way to get rid of the low mood. Dancing helps in relieving stress and has the added advantage of weight loss attached. Put your dancing shoes on and go foot tapping.

Use your senses: This is one of the most effective and creative way to boost your mood. Sensoryu meditation helps in relieving the blue mood. Relax yourself and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the visual imagery-look out  of the window and focus on the light. After a minute, turn your focus by concentrating on your sense of taste.

Think of your favorite food-say chocolates or ice-cream. After a minute turn your focus and pay attention to your sense of smell. Smell your favorite perfume and feel your muscles relax: Finally concentrate on the surrounding noises.

Create your own spa experience at home: Soak youself in some essential salts for aroung 15 minutes. This will help in relieving you off the stress and relax you. Go for a soothing massage to de-stress your head and neck.

iona chatterjee