Easy Methods To Burp A Baby

Easy Methods To Burp A Baby

Easy Methods To Burp A Baby Every time a mother feeds her new born baby she pats the back of her baby to get that husky sound of expelling a gas. This is called burping an infant. Burping an infant after a feed is as important as feeding an infant. An infant sucks some air along with the milk while feeding.

The sucked air along with the milk gives a sense of fullness to the baby and the baby misses on getting enough nutritional liquid. Hence, it is very important that you burp your baby properly after feeding. Inappropriate burping can lead to gas and discomfort for the baby. Here are some methods that you can use to burp your infant.

Easy Methods to Burp a Baby

Rest on Your Shoulder

This is the most common method used by all mothers. Hold your baby against your shoulder with his/her face rested on your shoulder.

Methods to Burp a Baby

Place one arm under the baby’s bottom part and using the other hand rub the back of the baby. Wait for the baby to burp while rubbing. If the baby doesn’t burp then pat the back with little force. Be firm but gentle and do it patiently.

Rest on Your Lap

This position is also very common. Resting on the mother’s lap gives the baby a soothing effect.

  ways to Burp A Baby

Place your baby on your lap with his/her back on the top and face rested down on your lap. The stomach should be on one thigh and head on the other. Hold the baby firmly with one hand and rub the back with the other. Pat the back gently and wait for the burp.

Sitting on Your Lap

This method is rarely used by mothers. You have to be very cautious while using this technique as the head of the infant needs extra support in this case. Place the baby in a sitting position on your lap drifted little bit towards your chest. Place your hand such that it supports both the chest as well as the chin of the baby.

How to Burp A Baby

Rub the back gently with the other hand. If the baby is not burping then pat the back with some extra force. Do not make the baby sit for long time. If the baby is not burping, then rest him/her on your shoulder and rub or pat till the gas comes out.

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Use Burp Cloth

Always place a cloth where your baby’s face is rested.

Use Burp Cloth

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This will prevent spoiling of your clothes and thereby preventing infection.

Patience is the Key

Sometimes the baby burps after a few rubs or pats, but sometimes they take a bit long. Hence relax and be cool and let the baby take its own time.

Correct Force

Patting your baby too hard will hurt your baby while patting with inadequate force will not give you the desired result.

effective baby burping

Hence, use the right amount of force to produce effective burping. Use any method but ensure that you use it correctly. Rub the entire back in circular motion or up and down. Hold the neck of the infant firmly as it is very delicate and mishandling of neck can prove fatal to your baby.