Easy Homemade Remedies To Thicken Hairs

Easy Homemade Remedies To Thicken Hairs

Easy Homemade Remedies To Thicken Hairs It is the desire of everyone to have great volume of hairs, as this enhances beauty perfectly. However, for having great volume, it is necessary that hairs are thick and strong. People with thin hairs are always finding ways to thicken their hairs so that they can look attractive.

Good news is that there are certain homemade remedies that are effective in thickening of hairs. Most of these remedies are cost effective and simple to follow. Even some of these remedies add instant volume to hairs. These homemade remedies can also be used as long term solutions for dealing with different types of problems that lead to thinning of hairs.

Since natural ingredients are used in these therapies, there are no side effects or further damage done to hairs. Many hair experts recommend their clients to try these homemade remedies rather than applying harsh chemicals for making hairs thick.

Easy Homemade Remedies To Thicken Hairs

One of best homemade remedies to thicken hairs naturally is honey application. Honey is considered as the best solution for hairs that are brittle and need instant lift. It improves thickness of hair perfectly over a short period of time. Since it is a sticky substance, some practice may be needed for applying and covering the hairs completely. After applying, honey is left on hairs for fifteen to twenty minutes and is then rinsed with cool water.

Though it is sticky, it is easily removed from the hairs. Honey contains many types of nutrients which are effective in adding volume. Lifeless hairs also bounce with heath. If needed, hairs may be shampooed and conditioned after honey application. Since honey may highlight hairs over a period of time, molasses may also be used. For treating hair fall, one spoon of cinnamon powder may be added to honey before applying.

Gelatin is also used for adding volume to hairs. In fact, its application results in instant thickening of hairs. It coats each strand of hair perfectly. Many hair experts use gelatin for providing quick lift to hairs of their clients. For getting best results, only unflavored gelatin should be used. For applying, gelatin is usually added to shampoo and this mixture is applied as usual. Some people also call this mixture as gelatin shampoo.

Besides adding instant volume to hairs, gelatin is also effective in improving the texture of hairs. Apple cider vinegar is also effective in thickening of hairs. Its application also cleanses the scalp gently, which results in growth of healthy hairs. Apple cider vinegar removes dead skin cells that prevent hairs from growing due to clogging of hair follicles. It is to be understood that hairs become dull and thin when follicles are clogged with impurities.

Homemade Remedies To Thicken Hairs

For application, one cup of apple cider vinegar is added to one and a half cup of water. This mixture is then poured over the head and massaged gently for two to three minutes. It is then rinsed with water. Afterwards, hairs are shampooed and conditioned. In place of apple cider vinegar, apple can also be used to thicken hairs. One applied is boiled in water for few minutes. After apple soaks all the water, it is mashed so as to form a paste.

This paste is applied to hairs and massaged gently. After ten to fifteen minutes, hairs are rinsed with water. Regular application of apple leads to thickened and shiny hairs. One of best homemade remedies to thicken hairs is banana and avocado treatment. For application, a paste is prepared by using mashed avocado and banana. This paste is very useful in adding strength and volume to brittle and thin hairs.

Since banana is rich in potassium and vitamin A, it clarifies the scalp perfectly, apart from regulating moisture balance of hairs. As a result, hairs grow thick and healthy. On the other hand, avocados are rich in B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and protein. All these are considered as essential for growth of healthy hairs. Over a period of time, hairs become thick and strong. For preparing paste, one-fourth cup of mashed banana is added to equal quantities of mashed avocado. This mixture is then applied to hairs.

A gentle massage is given with fingers so that each strand of hair gets covered with this paste. Hairs are shampooed and conditioned after leaving this paste for twenty minutes. This remedy is useful in treating brittle hairs also. Application of eggs also leads to thickening of hairs. Eggs contain good quantities of vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E, apart from B vitamins. These vitamins are effective in regulating the sebum production in the scalp.

As a result, hairs do not become brittle and thin. These vitamins also repairs damaged hairs. Egg also contains protein that works perfectly to thicken and strengthen hairs. For application, one raw egg is beaten lightly and is applied to hairs and scalp. For distributing egg evenly over entire length of hairs and scalp, a wide-tooth comb may be used. If needed, gentle massage may also be given for one or two minutes. After leaving egg for five minutes, it is rinsed with cool water. Hot water should not be used for rinsing hairs, as egg may get scrambled. Results are generally found after two to three applications.

Application of oats also leads to thickening of hairs. In fact, oat is considered as one of best natural products for making the hairs thick. For application, some oats are soaked in water for few minutes. These are then mashed for making a paste and this paste is applied to hairs and scalp. Oats are rich in lipids that are effective in thickening and strengthening brittle hairs. After keeping this paste for ten to fifteen minutes, hairs are washed with cool water. After rinsing, it must be ensured that all oat flakes have been removed from hairs.

Some people also apply onions for making hairs thick. Onion is very effective in stopping hair fall and growing new hairs. For application, outer rind of onion is removed and rest of onion is grated so as to form a paste. This paste is applied on hairs and left for ten to fifteen minutes. It is then rinsed with cool water. Since hairs can contain smell of onion, these may be shampooed and conditioned after rinsing. Good volume of hairs is noticed within few days of regular application.