Easy Homemade Recipes For Oily Skin Care

Are you uneasy because of your greasy skin? Do you need to go to the washroom too often to wipe your face and set your makeup right? If you have oily skin, wiping the grease of your face every now and then, to look fresh, can be quite the job. Here we have some excellent advice on how to take care of your oily skin the natural way using easily accessible things at home.

In the homemade section, juice of lime, lemon and cucumber, are the most easily available and the most effective ingredients for treating oily skin. The technique is as simple as applying the juice evenly on your skin with the use of a cotton swab and letting it dry. Once it dries up and your face skin feels stretched, wash it off with lukewarm water.  Cucumber juice can also be used as a base to apply makeup on, since it will work towards protecting your skin from the harmful effects of using make-up.

Stack up some herbs such as lavender, rosemary, parsley, thyme and witch hazel in your skin care cabinet. To treat oily skin use these herbs either in the form of skin toner or make use of them at the time of a facial sauna.

You can even make your own clay mask by mixing together green clay powder and honey. Just apply this mask on your face, leaving the eye region, and wash it off with water after fifteen minutes. Similarly pulp of certain fruits such as papaya, grapefruit and mangoes can be effectively made use of as a face mask. The acids present in these fruits are beneficial in removing the excess oils from your skin without taking away the natural moisture, while at the same time giving you a fresh look by removing the dead skin cells.

Taking care of your skin is not too difficult, and as you can see here it is not even expensive, since you can make use of a lot of stuff from your kitchen to take care of your oily skin.