Easy Cure For Sweaty Feet

Easy Cure For Sweaty Feet

Easy Cure For Sweaty Feet Shoes were invented by man to protect his feet from getting hurt by the hard ground that he walks on, while socks were invented for saving his feet from odor and sweat. But then how to get rid of smelly socks and sweaty feet?
During summertime when the weather gets really hot and humid your feet tends to sweat more. You will feel this kind of bad odor coming from your feet. While it is embarrassing you need to think of ways to get rid of it. How do you get rid of the smell?

The stink is stubborn and would not leave easily. And if you are asked to leave your footwear to go into a room, the stink will overwhelm the entire room and it can put you in an extremely humiliating situation. Here are a few tips to get rid of the sweating feet and the embarrassment that comes with it.

Wash Your Feet Regularly

A lot of people have the misconception that as long as your feet get wet while you take a shower then it is already clean. The truth is that you need to wash and soap your feet really well. You should wash the feet thoroughly, ensuring that all secretions from sweat glands are washed away.

Such secretions contain chemicals and when it breaks down after mixing with bacteria, foul stink emanates. Regularly wash your feet to get rid of these bacteria. Bacteria are the primary cause of sweaty and smelly feet. Since salt water can dry the skin, you can dip your feet in warm water mixed with kosher salt. Soak the feet and afterwards dry it with a piece of cloth.

Deodorants and Powders

Deodorants and powders cannot stop sweat but can take care of the stink. They also have antibacterial qualities to kill the bacteria on the feet. Maybe antiperspirants would be effective for this purpose. Use a powder having Aluminum-Chloride Hexa-Hydrate which can remove the odor.

Aerate Your Feet

Sweating happens because socks restrict breathing of the feet. Airy socks can help. Change socks twice daily to take care of the stink. Don’t wear the same socks continuously for two days.  Bacteria will grow on damp and dirty socks thus causing your feet to stink.

Stay Calm

Sweat can also increase because of anxiety or stress. When you are stressed out, your sweat glands also become hyperactive thus causing your entire body including your feet to sweat profusely. Stay calm to reduce sweat. Avoid getting stressed out over small things.

Home Remedies

There are a few home remedies which can help you reduce the sweating in your feet. Crush a medium size ginger into a pulp, soak it in warm water and apply the water on the feet before retiring. Take a medium sized ginger and crush it to a pulp.

Soak this in warm water for some time and apply the solution on the feet every night for three weeks. Similarly blend radishes in a blender, strain the juice, add some Glycerin to the juice and pour it into a spray bottle with which you can spray your feet to reduce odor. With regular application of these simple home remedies, your sweaty feet will be cured in no time.