Easy and Sexy Fashion Style Tips

Oh no! Not again. Is this your reaction to every social gathering? You always wonder how your once geeky classmate in class 4 manages to get just the right look every time.

The adulation she commands puts you off every time she enters the party.

Your arm candy suddenly becomes conscious and starts shifting his weight. While ‘her’ sexy looks drives everyone around crazy, you try your level best in unraveling the mystery of this ‘Miss Perfection.’ Being stylish is not rocket science. You need to be creative and experimental.

Adding a dash of glamour here and there will take your style quotient to a new level altogether.There is a very thin line that separates sexy from sleaze. For instance flashing your lingerie is not always a good idea. Camisoles, linings and slips should be covered. A slight peek-a-boo would suffice. Shiny and beautiful mane compliments your outfit and can boost your whole look.

Experiment with your hair. Keep them poker straight, curl them or you can even get them colored. Get a haircut once in three months. Wear make up to get the right party look. Rim your eyes with dark kohl to get the dramatic look. Bright lipstick can add panache to your look. Color your lips red. It will turn on the old charm in you.

Remember, to go subtle with rest of the makeup when doing red on lips. Accessorize the whole look by wearing funky and interesting jewelry. Try shoulder- duster earrings. They look fabulous with bare shoulders dress. Invest in good ballerinas. They are comfy and trendy. You can spice up your banal outfit with pair of interesting footwear.

It is important to be in sync with latest fashion trends but don’t follow them blindly. Wear what suits your personality and body type. Wear clothes which flatter your body.

Black is one color which never goes out of style. It hides fat curves and makes your body look slimmer and makes you feel like a diva. If you are conscious about the way you look, enroll yourself in some physical activity like Dance, Pilates or Yoga. It will make you confident and help you put your best foot forward.

Fashion styles change overtime. It is imperative to understand that to get a sexy style you have to feel sexy from within. The clothes, make up, accessories should enhance your personality. At the end of the day, it is you and your attitude that matters. So in the next party, flaunt your sexy look with confidence and make heads turn.