Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You don’t need to wait until you stomach starts swelling up to know that you might be pregnant. Pregnancy comes with a lot of subtle changes in the body that starts showing right from the beginning. Even if they might not be a sure way of knowing that you are pregnant but they do give hints on the possibility of you carrying a child in you.

One of the most commonly known symptoms is a missed period. This, again, is not a sure way of telling you that you are pregnant, but if you have missed one, you should know that you need to go for a pregnancy test. Don’t go for the strips that are available in convenience store. Get it checked by a proper doctor to confirm that you surely are pregnant since the strips you use can sometimes give wrong result.

Another common symptom is nausea and morning sickness. This is another subtle alert for you to know that you’re on your way of having a baby. Cravings for random food can also indicate that your body is undergoing some kind of change, which can possibly be pregnancy. Craving for food is another classic symptom that shows that you might have a child growing in you.

When you are pregnant, you can also see some changes in your breasts. They begin to get larger and softer or possibly sorer too. While your breasts getting larger may not always indicate pregnancy but when you begin to feel a certain tingling sensation in your breast, it indicates a possibility of pregnancy.

Frequent urination can also be seen as an indicator of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, you will have frequent urge to go urinate, usually at night. Another sure way of telling you that you are pregnant is implantation bleeding. This usually happens on the 12th day after conceiving when the egg, after undergoing fertilization, implants itself on to the uterus lining where it begins its development.

Other common signs that shows that you might be pregnant is the constant fatigue and mood swings that come along with being pregnant. You can notice several hormonal changes in you and random food cravings that serves as early signs of being pregnant.