Ear Ache Treatment Tips

Ear ache is one of those aches that are only second to a migraine or a cramp because not only it is painful, but also causes a lot of distraction because it is unreachable.

The ear ache being right in the center of the head usually tends to be a lot more disturbing than other kinds of body aches. This is mostly caused by the aching of the ear canal because of exposure to extreme temperatures or an ear infection.

Once the pain is felt, the first thing that you can do is to warm some olive oil and put some drops in your ear. Alternatively, you can dab a cotton swab in the oil and apply it in the area where you feel the pain.

Olive oil has great healing properties. The warmth is going to ease the pain and the oil itself will provide nutrients that will be able to heal any infection that might be there in the ear canal. Once the pain has abated, use a clean swab to clean the ears.

Another way of reducing pain is by chewing a gum. When you open your mouth, the tube opens as well and this also helps in easing the pain. But do remember to dispose it before you sleep.

Using Castor oil is another effective treatment for aching ears, especially those with an infection. Warm a few table spoons of castor oil and put them inside the infected ear. Block the ear using a cotton swab.

The oil will warm the ear alleviating it from pain and also will help cure any infection there is. Follow the procedure twice daily and within three or four days, there will be a considerable difference.

Applying a warm towel on the ear is helpful in easing ear aches as well. First of all, it helps in melting the ear wax, which causes the congestion and thus also helps in clearing the ear canal to make way for any ointments or ear drops.

There is also a home remedy that calls for roasting an onion, crushing it and mixing it with some water to make a paste. The paste when applied in the infected area is known to cure it.