Dry Hair Treatment – The Home Remedies Available

Nobody wishes to have dry, damaged and dull hair. But owing to factors like harsh weather conditions and lack of proper hair care, our hair tends to become dry and lifeless. Overexposure of hair to heat and chemical treatments will also lead to the loss of moisture from hair.

Dry hair tends to be rough and is more prone to get tangled and can also develop split ends very easily.Today, there are many salon treatments available to revive and revitalize your damaged hair. But due to lack of time, many women find it impossible to go for regular salon sessions. In such cases, you can resort to many home remedies in order to repair and condition your dry hair.

You can always rely on the goodness of honey to bring back your hair to life. A hair rinse made by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with 3 teaspoons of water should be applied to your shampooed hair. Dry your hair without washing off the hair rinse. Daily application of this hair rinse will moisturize your hair leaving it shiny and healthy.

Application of a hair mask made of skimmed milk and egg will also make your dry hair healthy and moisturized. To prepare the hair mask, beat together an egg and a cup of skimmed milk until it foams. Spread this mixture evenly throughout your hair and scalp and wash off after 20 minutes.

You can also make a nourishing fruit mask of banana and avocado to treat your dry hair. The fruit mask can be prepared by mashing and mixing together an overripe banana and an avocado. Apply this mixture from the root to the tip of your hair and shampoo it off after half an hour. The nutrients present in the fruits will help in repairing damaged and dry hair.

Along with following these treatments, you should also have a nutritious diet in order to maintain your hair healthy. You should also protect your hair from the harmful elements of nature like the rays of the sun by wearing a scarf or a hat.

Also do not wash your hair daily, as it will lead to the depletion of natural oils from the hair, thus making your hair even more dry and frizzy.