Drinking And Storing Coffee, Your Elixir For life And Good Health

Do you know if you drink coffee the right way you could be adding more years to your life? The news can make you all excited. Coffee, in fact, could be saving your life too. Coffee contains a lot of polyphenols which are the inflammation fighters actually. This helps the cells to remain young and also fiercely active.

Coffee taken without a lot of cream and syrup flavorings is actually good for you. You can add some skim milk instead because caffeine itself is a rich source of calcium and excretes about forty milligrams of caffeine into the blood. That is equivalent to what you would get in two tablespoons of skim milk. Why not drink coffee black along with your calcium magnesium tablet every morning. You can use a paper filter to brew the coffee as that helps to trap the compound that causes bad cholesterol in the body.

There are the instant and decaf methods too that help you to live a longer and a happier life. In fact, there are so many benefits to coffee. It protects against heart disease and one or two cups of coffee makes the body limber and they would contract and expand with the heart beat. A daily cup of coffee would risk the cancer risk as a cup of coffee would help abstain from throat or mouth cancers.

Your risk of getting a stroke can be reduced to almost 19 per cent if you take 2-3 cups of coffee in a day. Four cups helps improve the insulin effect in blood and also reduces the risk of getting diabetes. Coffee is also good for your memory and three cups of coffee a day would cut the risk of developing dementia or Alzeimer’s disease by up to sixty five per cent.

Since coffee is so much of a beneficial health drink, you can have it daily but what about the proper storage of coffee? There are many questions to whether your coffee should be refrigerated? You can store it in jars, plastic or paper bags but you must do it properly. Should it be ground coffee or whole beams? These questions are of utmost concern to people who like coffee as a favorite beverage.

Green beans are easy to store and if they are stored in a cool place in a container that is a tight seal, they can stay for a year. They will produce an aromatic cup even after a year. Green beans have to be roasted and ground before you can use it as a drink. It is however difficult to find green beans.

Roasted coffee is also fine but in a whole bean form. You have to grind the beans but that is also simple and the effort is well worth it. The roasted beans of coffee would last one to whole weeks. The coffee should be kept in an air-tight plastic bag as plastic or metal containers can contaminate the smell. You can then store the same in a dark cupboard.

Roasted beans can create a lot of gas and you have to open the container each day to let the gas out. You can also use something called valve bags that lets the carbon dioxide escape. If the whole bean coffee is left unused for two weeks you have to refrigerate it to let it lest for a month in a plastic wrap. You should be careful of your coffee picking up other odors from the freeze.

The coffee that is both roasted and ground can be stored in a light proof and air tight container. The best is to use as much as you can use up quickly. As long as you can have coffee that is good and fresh, that’s the best way of having coffee and also drinking it for a long and healthy life too.