Dressing Up For The Cocktail Dinner

May it be a small hangout for some drinks with the all girl gang or dressing up for the date at night –there are a whole new set of short knee length dresses to the shorter variants in store this winter.

The first in store is the one shoulder dress. This is a graceful dress giving a Goddess impression in black matte finish jersey, comfortable and a wonderful compliment for the hourglass figure and even capable of making a figure look curvaceous even if they do not naturally have them.

The dress has a “forgiving gathered-skirt” to hide a tummy with perfection and comes with a knee length –something that is specifically hard to find in this season of short dresses.

Next in line comes the dress in Gold Sheath. This unique dress keeps the look of the wearer shimmering and full of lights for that cocktail hour with the sheath exterior from the house of Alex Evenings. The dress is complemented with a wide belt that adds a high-end touch of origami effect to it. Such effects are more common in the expensive segment though.

Another good choice of short dress this fall is the “Red cocktail dress”. It has no doubts that the color red has its wonderful effects on every woman. This is an easily wearable knee length dress made specifically for cocktail party. It comes from the house of Chadwick’s. and the dress as well features body highlighting textures like the beaded waist, keyhole neckline, halter to add up to the beauty of it.

The “Black-Jacket-Cocktail-Dress” is a classic example of cocktail wears. This is a wonderful example of a dress for corporate parties, and is always welcome to be worn in any place that demands more coverage than just wearing a sleeveless cocktail. This dress has a Tahari jacket with a gratifying bolero that is put over a Jacquard sheathed shimmering dress.

The last but not the least to be mentioned is a must mention dress –“The silk chiffon cocktail dress”. This one dress can go easily with drinks and dancing alike. It has a swirling skirt in hot red. It has a bodice that is fitted and is followed by a full length skirt right below the empire waist.