Dressing Tricks to Look Taller


Everyone wants to dress so that the dress looks good on you and you look fabulous. Naturally, you will certainly want to look as good as the model sporting the dress.

Do not worry if you have not played a lot of basket ball at school or if you are not on the taller side. There are ways to dress where you will look more slender and tall.

The dressing sense is an amazing game of optical illusion. How tall your favorite movie star is what you cannot discern on the screen. The same applies to your dressing that is meant to make the onlooker appreciate and not be able to discern.

One of the methods requires you not to have broad belts. If you wear a broad belt that takes a substantial part of the vision that an onlooker has and incidentally will view you in two halves, the top and the bottom.

It is suggested that the whole attire be in the same color from top to bottom. Be it a two part dress or just a shirt and a trouser; ensure that color is the same. This does not allow an onlooker to have a mental image of you in two parts and the length of the two clothing items can be seen in contrast with each other, revealing your height.

A full dress will grace your complete self and it is just your projection in totality that will be seen. Enhance this projection by donning a blazer with buttons open. Avoid baggy clothes and always wear the clothes that fit right.

In case of a top, let it drop beneath the waist.  Let the skirt be above at knee height or above. If you are wearing striped clothes, ensure the stripes are vertical and not horizontal.

Ensure that if there is any print on your clothing, it is small. This will match the proportion of designs in the larger clothes and hence make you look taller. Deep necklines also help in projecting a taller image.

Avoid chokers and use necklaces and pendants. Chokers once again act as a dividing line that will cause the onlooker to start judging your height.

Wear heels at least 2 to 2 and a half inches.