Dressing Appropriately for an Interview

If you are appearing for an interview, the first impression will be created by what you are wearing and your appearance. Here are some tips to choose the right dress for your interview:

Dress conservatively. That is when the focus will be on how you conduct yourself during the interview and that will totally depend on your responses. A conservative dress will not let any preconceived impressions be created in the minds of the interviewer.

As some interviewers rightly put it, when you do not speak, then let the clothes not speak for you. When you speak, let the clothes be the least noticeable thing on you.

If you choose a suit, ensure that it is a two piece matched suit. If you opt for pant suits, then ensure that you are comfortable wearing them and that the folds and the creases will not show a lot when you sit. Also they should not be tailored too tight.

If you wear a skirt, the skirt should cover your thighs. Sit in the front of the mirror to see how you would look sitting in front of the interviewer. Let there be no high slits in the skirt. If you have to, choose a skirt that has only a small slit in the rear or on the side.

The best colors for the interview suits are black and shades of navy blue, dark gray and brown. There can be more colors that you can opt for. However stay away from any loud colors.

Ensure that the suits are in a sold fabric or a subtle weave fabric or plaid. The best cloth fabrics to choose from are synthetics, wool and wool knits.

Let there be no flashy jewelry. Wear a watch that is not outstanding, but has a simple and non-gaudy look. Any other jewelry could be a thin necklace that should not be very prominent and must look elegant.

The safest footwear to choose is a pair of close-toe pumps. Make sure you can walk comfortably in them. The makeup should be light and you should let the beauty of your natural features show.