Dresses That Make You Look Slimmer

Hourglass figure is the dream of every man and woman but sadly we live in this practical world where the opposite to our desire happens only to pain us.

Look Slimmer

Irregular food habits and lack of exercise time is mainly responsible for the oversized figure of the males and females and this has particularly become a trend in this modern lifestyle. However without going into crash diet and muscle tearing exercise you can look slimmer with sensible dressing.

Here’s How:

There are a few tips regarding color and design of the dress that you can follow to get that slim look. Dressing for the bulky figure is quite a balancing act. Do not go for the heavily loose dress. Nobody is fooled but what happens is that you look shapeless and more bulky.

Similarly also avoid body hugging and tight fit dresses. These types of dresses will make the fat depositing zones like the chest, waist and the thighs look bulky and oversized.

Choose the color black. This is the color which will give you the attitude as well as a much slimmer look. Instead of multicolor go for single color dressing.

Horizontal strips are not at all recommended. They will make you look wider. So go for the vertical strips.

Wear black color that draws the attention to other parts of the body. To draw the attention from the thighs you can wear a jacket in red shell or royal blue color.

While choosing pants go for the narrow or tapered legs pants. Too many pockets, tight fittings, and pleats will draw attention to the lower section of the body which obviously you do not want. Flat front pants and side and back zippers are also quite fashionable on the fat body.