Dresses That Add Curves To Your Figure

Wide Legged trousers

Some women are naturally curvy while some lack that curve. If you too belong to the second group and wish you had a curvy figure, then don’t despair. We will tell you how you can dress up and what dresses you should choose that would provide you a beautiful curvy form. To know more about dresses that add curves, read on.

Clothes That Add Curves

There are a number of clothes that have a distinct volume in them and thus give a lean or straight shaped body a curvy look. Such dresses include balloon skirts, pleated skirts, dresses with dolman sleeves, maxi dresses, harem pants, etc. These dresses give a roundish and curvy shape to your figure and thus help you to achieve your desired look.

Wide Legged trousers and Jeans

Wide Legged trousers

Skinny jeans or narrow cut trousers fit your legs perfectly thus revealing and highlighting your straight body shape. So go for wide legged jeans and trousers that would render a curvier look to you.

Go for ruffles

Ruffles not only help to gain a curvy look but they are pretty “in” thing currently and boost your style quotient too.


Ruffles if placed on the bustline or at the hip would help to make them look fuller and curvier. Apart from that, ruffles can be used in many other smart ways to rend that curvier look.

Wear a Belt With a Voluminous Dress

Wear a dress that has volume, especially around the bustline and hip, but is well fitted around your waistline. Give a twist to the dress by adding a belt to it. Wear the belt exactly on your natural waistline.

Wear a Belt With a Voluminous Dress

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This will make the dress become puffed up just above and below your waistline thus making your bust and hip look rounder and fuller. The stiffer the fabric you choose, the better result you get.

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Try a Pencil Dress

Instead of going for short dresses or skirts, choose a pencil dress. Pencil dresses are long (mostly full length), tight, body-hugging dresses.

Pencil Dress

Choose a pencil dress of a clingy and stretchable material that hugs your body highlighting every inch of the curve you have. A shiny material would add to the curvy form by creating an illusion of a rounder and fuller body.

Opt for Horizontal Striped Clothes

Horizontal stripes create an illusion of a wider curvy body. So wear top, dresses, skirts, etc. with horizontal stripes in them.

Opt for Horizontal Striped Clothes

The broader or thicker the stripes in your outfit, the curvier and voluminous look you get.

Colors to Choose

Dark colors always have a slimming effect on the look of the wearer whereas light colors make a person look broader, rounder and curvier than they actually are. So whether you are choosing a dress, a top, a skirt or trouser, try to choose a light or pale colored clothe that would add volume and curve to your shape.

Dress Materials to Opt For

If you are creating puffiness in your dressing style to add curves, then stiff materials are better suited. Soft, clingy, stretchable or body hugging materials are only suited for those clothes that are designed to fit your body perfectly. But at all costs avoid wearing free-falling dresses of stretchable or clingy material. That will only make you look leaner.