Dress Up Your Vase Shaped Figure In Style

vase-shaped-figure Vase shaped women are somewhat similar to the ultra chic hourglass figures, except that they usually have much heavier upper arms and busts, long and slender waist and hips that are too wide when compared with the slim thighs.With the overemphasized bust and hips, such women tend to look a little frumpy if they do not pay considerable attention to their clothing.

Here’s a little update on how vase shaped women can look fantastic by choosing the right type of clothing.

The basics

Even though, the curves are a little too much you should not try and hide your curves, rather the secret lies in emphasizing your curves. Look for tops that can be tucked into your jeans, or short length jackets which end somewhere around the middle of your waist, to flaunt your slim waistline. As for the oversized breasts, V necks and square necklines will help in giving them a trimmed down look. And since, your hips are again on the larger side you must avoid skinny fits and must go in for regular straight leg styles to make things look more balanced.

Casual clothing

Jeans are your best bet, especially those in regular straight fits, to get the focus on your slim, slender and shapely legs. For the top part of the body, try to defuse the attention on to smaller parts of your body such as your lower arms and your waist. Coats and jackets in slim fit, with three quarter length sleeves will do the needful for your vase shaped figure.

The party look

With the kind of voluptuous figure that you have, feminine dresses and floral prints are a definite no. Instead look for fitted dresses to emphasize your curvy waist, and that too with some flattering neck lines such as square or V neck. Apart from dresses, your figure will also come out well in wide legged trousers clubbed with plain smart shirts, in three quarter length sleeves.

Sidharth Thakur

  • Thanks for the great tips on dressing for certain occassions with this body type. It can sometimes be veryy frustrating debating what looks good and what doesn’t. Thanks again,