Dress Up Your Ponytail: For Teenage Girls

Ponytails are indeed the most charismatic of all hairstyles for teenage girls, truly timeless and way too convenient to style up and maintain. And here we have some wonderful ideas, for teenagers, on how to adorn ponytails and make your own distinctive fashion statement using your creativity on clips and elastic bands.

Decorate your hair clips

Your first choice is definitely to step into the accessories department of a fashion store and glance through the assortments to find some exotic clips for your ponytail. However, if you’re willing to display a bit of your creativity, you could simply buy a few basic clips and get some hot glue and decoration stuff that you can stick on to the clips to create something unique and spectacular.

If it is holiday season, how about adding a bit of holiday theme to your hairclips, get some holiday motifs such as small bells, reindeer and Santa’s, and attach them to your clips either with colored strings or just glue them on to your clips.

To make clips to match with some particular dress, get some beads of the same color as the color of your dress, and glue them in rows on wide basic clips. Also something similar can be done using ribbons, where you just need to apply a little bit of glue onto the clip and wrap the ribbon around it.

Fancy elastic bands

To make these get some strong fiber covered elastic bands and some waterproof adhesive. To make a very basic one, using decorated wool, take a small strand of wool say about 6in. in length. Tie a knot of the wool on the elastic band and wind the wool along the entire length of the elastic band, and you’re done.

For a holiday variant, you can hang some tiny holiday decorations onto the basic band that we just made, using twisted festive ribbons.  To make a beaded band, just thread a bead on to the wool after say every four or five twists of the woolen thread around the elastic band.

There are lots and lots of things that you can try out, and once you begin with the task you’ll soon find that you’re becoming more and more imaginative and creative. And while making your own hair accessories can be quite a fun activity, you’ll also save a good deal of cash.

Sidharth Thakur