Dress Up Your Hourglass Figure

With the curvy and feminine hourglass figure, you’re already half there to looking glamorous. And for the remaining half that is flattering your perfect figure with the right clothing, we have some advice for you right here.

The basics

When you have a perfect hourglass figure, with a firm and solid bust line, a narrow waist and firm and shapely buttocks, there is nothing that you need to hide or cover-up. So grab some fitted clothes to flaunt your curves and showcase your well proportioned body.

Slim fit clothing, pencils skirts, streamlined trousers and fitted jackets are some of the things that you must stock in your wardrobe. The most flattering of necklines for hourglass figures are off the shoulder and V necks.

Since, hourglass figures already have a lot of femininity quotient attached to them, avoid overplaying it with bows, frills and flounces. Look for simpler body hugging dresses, which can bring out the beauty of your figure, and not the dresses with too much of embellishments, that can mar your figure’s beauty.

The Casual Looks

With the kind of stunning feminine figure that you have, trousers aren’t your best bet. Instead look for jeans or skirts, which are more fitted, and can create perfect silhouettes. Nonetheless, your ideal choice should be wearing a fitted dress, which fits well on your bust, clinches your waist neatly and rightly emphasizes your shapely hips. You can also wear a dress with neat small sleeves to show off your beautiful and shapely arms, if you’re not willing to show off your shoulders with a halter neckline.

The party look

Get yourself a pretty short length dress, such as the sheath dress, in a fabric and fit that caresses your body and emphasizes the right body parts, to draw out the splendor of your proportionate figure. You can also think of wearing a wide belt to cinch in your waist and play up your hourglass figure, further. And lastly get into a pair of high heeled shoes; especially peep toes, as they are just the right complement for an hourglass figure.

Sidharth Thakur