Dress up your Apple Shaped Body in Style

casual-dressing A bulging belly, marked with thick waistline and an average sized bust are the typical features of an apple shaped body. Although this rounded shape, is seen as quite friendly by most people, it’s only the woman, who has such a body, knows how difficult it is to dress up this structure in style. Anyway here is some help on how an apple-shaped woman should dress up, to look fantastic.

The basics

For most apple-shaped women, dressing up means trying to hide their bodies. However, that’s not what is needed; in fact they need to learn to emphasize the right body parts and to take away attention from the problem areas. The bust line is what needs to be highlighted and the midsection of the body is what needs to be camouflaged, to enjoy balanced and leaner silhouettes.

Tops with V necks and those which puff up around the breasts will help in drawing more attention to the bust line. On the other hand to enjoy a somewhat slimming effect around your waist and hips, you need skirts and trousers with flat fronts and the fastenings should preferably be on the sides.

Casual dressing

For a pleasing casual look you must focus on accentuating the top half of your body, and that begins by wearing the right bra to highlight your breasts and create a more dramatic cleavage. Look for tops with low cut necklines which go smooth on your bust region and then flare out a little to conceal the hanging flab. As for bottom wear, you should look for tailor made jeans and trousers as against the regular branded ones, to add more definition to your legs. And finally to complete the looks add a pair of wedges.

Smart dressing

Long coats are a great way, to look slim and smart, for all the apple-shaped women, but do ensure that whatever you wear underneath is properly tailored and doesn’t add width to your outlines. And you don’t need to stick to wearing dark shades, as is the common tendency with most apple-shaped women; rather you must experiment with lighter colors as they look equally good on you.

Sidharth Thakur