Dress Up In Style Even When You’re Broke

When your pockets are loaded, fashion and style come in easy. But how do you stay in vogue when you are running short on cash? That is one tough situation but there’s nothing to worry, since we will tell you how to get that fresh runway look for whatever trifle amounts you may have in your wallet.

First on, grab those daily newspapers and scan through for all those enticing promotional offers. But do remember we’re looking only for those authentic hard-core sales which offer you something as good as 40 to 50 percent in genuine discount. The end of the season is a great time to go around shopping since most of the clothing stores offer lovely discounts to clear off their remaining stock. With this done you’ve already made the right start.

But then if you are one who loves to stay in trend all through the season, then shopping at season ends might not sound so appealing to you. So go the other way around and pick up things for the coming season a little before the season begins. Although the discounts won’t be as great and may be limited to about 20 to 30 percent, it’s still better than buying during midseason when most stores offer no discounts at all.

Now what I’m going to tell you might sound like old grandma’s advice, but it does work. It is fairly wise to pull out a small set amount of money every month to satiate your fashion cravings. This is certainly better than trying to control yourself, and then splurging when you can’t control yourself anymore. Stick to paying only with cash, as racking up on your credit card will just add to your troubles.

Let go that snob inside you and forget the word branded, street sales are a great place to buy latest trend at downbeat prices. And if you’re trying to get that vintage or retro look, then hunt through the garage sales and flea markets.

And before I finish, one more trick, how about giving your old clothes a new look. It does call for a tad of creativity and effort, but recycling your clothes is the most economical way to stay in style when you are broke.