Dress to Elongate your Legs

Not all women are blessed with long legs. While some women have long slender legs and tiny waists that make them look perfect there are others who have almost perfect figures that need some help to make them look gorgeous. If you fall in the category where you need help with looking slender then here are a few tips.The silhouettes that you wear will help accentuate your features. Wearing a short jacket with a long skirt of the other way around will help to feature your assets. If you wear short skirts you will draw attention to your legs and the part above your knees while the long jackets will draw attention to your upper body and take away the focus from your legs.

Wearing pants and skirts with a high waist will create an illusion that your legs start much higher than they actually do. However if you are short-waisted then this tip will not work in your favor.

Do not wear knee length skirts or pants. This draws attention to your legs and accentuates your short legs. Instead wear Capri pants that end below your knees. This creates an illusion of longer legs.

Wearing pants that are tapering also help add a few inches to your legs. This is because these pants make your feet look slender. Wear a pair of high heel shoes with these pants will help you look taller.

You may choose to wear leggings and pedal pushers during spring and summer. Cigarette pants for summer are a great option.

Wearing wide length pants are an absolute no- no if you are trying to add a few inches to your waist. These pants make you look short and stumpy. This must be avoided completely.

Wear shoes with slight heals for daily use. This will make your legs look longer and slender.

You can add a few inches to your legs by wearing a single color outfit. If you are wearing lines then avoid wearing horizontal lines and opt for vertical lines. Fabrics with checks will work in your favor. Avoid wearing big prints; smaller prints will help you to look slender and will add inches to your figure.