Dress Thinner: Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

The fashion and glamour world is all about image. However in the real world not all of us can afford to be thin and have long legs. Lets face it we have to live with the bodies that we were gifted with; that doesn’t mean that you need to look bulky and unappealing if you are not blessed with a perfect figure.

That is where you sense of style is important. You can play around with your clothes and make wise choices so that you can mould your shape and look thinner and appealing.

If you don’t have the shape and body of a model you will definitely have some part of your body that you are proud of and want to show off. You need to wear clothes that accentuate this feature to give you a great looking figure.

To begin with you need to wear clothes that fir you well. Those that are too big will look bulky and will not make you larger than you are and unappealing.

Those that are too small for you will make you look bulging in areas that are not well toned. In order to get clothes with a great fit you must buy them in stores and not online. When you shop online you run the risk of getting clothes that are not the right fit.

When you are not too happy with your shape and figure and you want to look slimmer your best bet is to opt for clothes that are in dark shades, solid colors and wear only one color from top to bottom.

Even if you are wearing separates you must wear monotones to keep your self looking thin and toned. Black, grey, brown and olive are your best bet.

Clothes that are flair cut or bulky are not for your body. Avoid wearing sweat shirts instead wear cardigans; don’t wear sweaters either. Pleated skirts, pants with pleats, flowing skirts and clothes with excess fabrics are not your cup of tea. When you are choosing your necklines a V neck is your best bet.

Pants that are boot cut are great for your shape and if you wear skinny jeans then ensure that they are the right fit on your waist and your hips. Don’t wear pants in velvet or silk or any other fabric that clings to your body.

Wearing high heel shoes makes you look more confident and thinner instantly.