Dress That Suits Your Figure

It is important to choose your outfits that enhance your physical assets and cover up the liabilities. To decide what suits you best, you need to judge the type of your body. Generally, there are six kinds of figures:

The skinny type. These women have thin and angular bodies having very little fat. So, they should select outfits with layers, pleats and ruffles that create an illusion of a curvaceous body.

The top-heavy type. Wearing tops of dark or monochromatic colors with light-colored skirts or pants will tone down the upper body. Using necklines that create an illusion of length like V-necks could also be helpful.

The bottom-heavy type. These women should wear tops in light-color that accentuates their cleavage. The pants or skirts should be either of sober or dark color. Wearing large necklaces, long chains or dangling earrings can also draw attention to the torso.

The long and lanky type. These women are somewhat fat and taller as compared to the skinny ones. However, they too desire to create the illusion of a curvaceous body that they don’t have in reality. Outfits with layers work well for them. Wide skirts or pants having light colored legs that are wide are also good options. Stay away from tops having a low neckline though.

The petite type. Petite women have lean, short, thin and straight body. These small-breasted women do not have noticeable waists. So, they should create the false impression of a waist by using full skirts or a big belt that contrasts their outfits or tops in particular.

The curvy type. Curvaceous women have several options. Whatever be the size of these curves, they should be enhanced by outfits like wraparound blouses or dresses, or clothes whose fabrics drape the frame. Baggy clothes should not be worn as they create superfluous bulk.