Dress Options for Tall and Slender Gals That Lack Curves

Tall women are known to have bent shoulders due to the constant urge to bend in order to look smaller. These women are very conscious about themselves; sometime more so than large women. If you are a tall woman who is trying to find her style then the tips that we discuss here are definitely going to help you out. You will learn to bring about a sense of energy in your wardrobe by merely taking notes on how to make a few changes in your dress options.

If you are a tall woman there are many others who envy your model like body and you need to monopolize on this. The cut of your dress is very important. You need to look at dress options that add volume to your body instead of length. Dresses with puff sleeves, the layered look or for that matter even shirt dresses with look great on your body.

If you do not have curves then avoid dresses that are body hugging or those that are shapeless as they will enhance your negative side. You may want to avoid using tunics and dresses with empire waists too. Tall women need to avoid deep necklines and V necks. This makes them look taller. Instead hiding the neckline will help to make the body look smaller. The length of the dress plays a vital role. Do not wear dresses that are too short or too long. The ideal length of the dress would be above the knees. Avoid full length dresses too.

You are not restricted with colors and prints if you are tall so you can make the most of this. However, do not wear dresses in dark colors that have vertical stripe; this will make you look taller.

Sweater dresses, jerseys and hooded dresses will compliment your look. Since your body is slender it will be able to manage the fullness that these dresses add to your figure.

In order to make your figure look curvier than it is you may want to wear large belts or carry a scarf or a stole at your waist. In addition to this you can add embellishments and accessorize your outfit to improve its look.


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    listen, ladies. people will tell you you’re ugly, but it’s not because you are. it’s because they’re jealous. we can’t all be as beautiful as you, and some people just want to take you down for that. doint listen to them. you’re beautiful and amazing, insideand out, just the way you are. dont worry about it. we’re too young to worry about this stuff. have fun! find a friend, ride a roller coaster. have the time of your life – who needs guys anyways? 🙂 <3