Dress like a Celebrity (even if you are on a small salary)

In the few years that I have been associated with the fashion industry I have met many women who look fabulous and dress up to look trendy and glamorous everyday. I wondered what the secret to their style was as I knew that they were on very small salaries.

I then put together a list for all women who are on small or minimum salaries to help them look trendy and gorgeous everyday.

Though most women would like to have a few hundred shoes in their closet they must remember that that is not the key to being fashionable. You need not have all the latest styles of shoes and the most talked about trends in your closet; all you need is a few key pieces that you can wear with all your outfits.

As a rule you won’t need more than 4 pairs of shoes per season. You can get through each season with only a few pairs of shoes without facing too many issues.

Buy a few key pieces of clothing like a little black dress, black trousers, white shirt, pencil skirt, printed dress, maxi dress and any other articles of clothing that you feel that you must have. In order to have a different look every time you wear these outfits you will need to change your accessories.

This is one of the easiest ways to showcase your personality and look glamorous at the same time. Wearing the right accessories will help you save a few bucks on investing in new clothes.

Buy clothes that you fall in love with. Don’t hit the stores when they have end of season sales. Here you will not get the best articles of clothing and you will tend to buy clothes in bulk as the prices are dropped. Invest in your key articles of clothing rather than in every latest trend that may or may not suit you.

Buy clothes that flatter your body because you will love the way you look in them and you will want to wear those clothes more often.

When it comes to style you don’t have to worry about looking like an adult or a grown up. Feel free to experiment with your look and go all out with clothes that you love. You don’t need to shy away from wearing prints and colors that you love. Remember, fashion is not bound by rules. If you love pink wear it at any age, even if you are 88.

Don’t discard clothes from your closet because a trend has died down, remember it will make a comeback in a few years so pack it up and store it. You will be able to wear it in a few years.