Dramatic Eyes For A Scintillating Evening

Dramatic-Eyes If you’re planning on attending some scintillating evening event, then your eye makeup needs to play along the formal gowns or the groovy evening dress, which you will be wearing. 

And with that said, dramatic eye make up should be your first choice, because that’s the kind of makeup that makes your eyes more expressive. This style of eye makeup was immensely popular during the sixties but it has made a comeback and you can see a lot many celebrities wearing some dramatic eye make up at prestigious functions, these days.

Now if you’re convinced that dramatic eye make up can lend your eyes a charismatic appeal, then here are some tips that will help you in doing up your eyes in a dramatic style.

•    To begin with, use a pencil on your eye brows which is at least two shades heavier than the natural tone of your eyebrows. Pay attention that your eyebrows look perfectly symmetrical and that you preserve the natural arch of your eyebrows at the time of highlighting them with the pencil.

•    To make your eyes seem dramatically large, spread some light shade of eye shadow over your complete upper eye-lid, put on it evenly, right from the lash line up to the eyebrow. Follow it up with the application of a darker eye shadow shade along the crease of the upper eye-lid.

•    Alternatively, to add on some vibrancy to your eyes and to take the dramatic effect even more exciting, you can use a medium eye shadow shade over a darker base shade. Whichever way you go, just remember that you need to blend the different shades well into each other so that they do not look like independent stripes.

•    Eye shadow alone is not enough, and you’ll need some eyeliner and mascara as well to give the final touches. First you should proceed with the mascara application and then use the eyeliner to mark along the eyelashes. Ideally, you should use the eyeliner only on the top eyelash and that too some dark eyeliner shade such as black. Remember to keep the lines a little thinner around the inner corner.

Sidharth Thakur