Don’t Succumb To Emotional Arguments If You Want Him To Stay

Most couples make one critical mistake during a fight or disagreement with their spouse, and that is to all of a sudden bring in emotions into the argument. And obviously the end result of this is not quite pleasing because you are left behind feeling hurt and lonely while your man walks off.

Most arguments begin in a logical style, with both of you defending and arguing as competent adults, trying to sort out a problem. But as the argument stretches, you jump to the usual women’s approach and start displaying extreme emotions and slowly changing the course of the original discussion. And that’s exactly where your man feels betrayed and with no option but to walk out on you.

When you are in the business meeting, you hold yourself strong and never succumb to display of emotions, because you know that will appear quite childish and you would be labeled weak by your peers. And that’s exactly what any man would want to see in personal arguments, that is if you have a point to prove then better go ahead and prove it.

When a competitive logical discussion deviates onto an emotional melodrama (as men would label it), men feel that you are pointing your finger towards them and blaming them for everything and which incites an angry reaction from them. The man feels he has been tricked, by giving the argument an emotional bend, because you were just about to lose the argument. And that’s when a man feels at liberty to walk out on you, to punish you.

Well to avoid such situations, don’t ever change your role throughout the discussion, if you are debating on something or trying to prove your point then do that and don’t change your stance to that of the sufferer, the moment you feel you’re losing the battle. When you argue logically without switching roles, you’re more likely to have him coming back to discuss things with you instead of him walking up to you someday and telling you “it’s all over”. So start off an argument boldly and close it boldly, devoid of any exhibition of helplessness and vulnerability.

Lastly, a personal argument is not a gung ho challenge, so watch out your words and your tone, and remember logical and unruffled talks are the only ones with fruitful results.

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Sidharth Thakur