Quit Smoking Without Getting Fat


quityoursmoking If you’re a smoker and have been putting off your quitting plans just because you feel you might get fat, then you must read through this article to find out how you can keep your weight under control while you quit smoking.

There’s one more thing that I would like to talk about before we go on to the real matter, and that is quitting smoking usually doesn’t add on more than 10lb. to your body weight. And that little fat is definitely healthier when you compare it with the negative effects of smoking.

Weight gain after quitting smoking is usually because you have not followed a proper strategy, but if you follow the simple rules that we’ve talked about here, there aren’t very many chances that you will put on weight after kicking the butt.

Exercise is a must

Any kind of physical activity that makes you go sweating is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety while burning of the extra calories. Smoking cessation is usually accompanied by mood flings, but exercising regularly will help in stabilizing your mood. Exercising doesn’t really mean that you have to hit the gym, almost any physical activity such as walking, dancing, tennis, gardening, kickboxing, swimming or skating can solve your purpose.

Eat the right foods

When you quit smoking, you really need to pay attention to what you’re eating. A minimum of ten servings of fresh vegetables and fruits is needed to help your body to overcome the negative effects of smoking, as also to replace the high calorie foods which you may think of substituting in place of cigarettes.

You need some replacement

Smoking is more of a habit, and once you quit you will want to keep your mouth busy with something so as to avoid the craving. Now instead of going in for the high calorie candies or other such stuff, look for sugarless gum, carrots or popcorn as a substitute.

Drink a lot

When we say drink we mean plain water and not colas, coffee or alcohol. Plain water has no calories and while it will help you in removing toxins from your body, it can also work as a substitute for cigarettes.

Eat smaller meals

When you quit smoking, it’s best to have several small meals instead of the regular two or three heavy meals. Most smokers have a strongly urge to have a smoke after every heavy meal, and when you stick around to eating small portions, you’re less likely to have a craving for cigarettes after your meals.

Sidharth Thakur