Don’t Loose Money With Weight Loss Scams

weight The overemphasized idea of lean and healthy looks has helped many fraud concerns to make big money with their weight loss scams. If you are heavy and are looking for ways to lose weight, then surely you must have come across hundreds of different programs and products which promise to help you lose weight quickly and that too without effort.

Of course, the idea seems tempting and exciting because you are obsessed with your weight problem. However, once you do end up paying money for such scams your excitement disappears and the only ones who would be excited are the people who would have earned money in the game.

Thinking about weight loss to improve your overall health is a great step towards a healthy and happy life. But, you must not rush in for the very first over promising advertisement; rather you should learn to distinguish between a genuine weight loss program and a scam.

The most common weight loss scams


There are several pills that have come out in the market, which are believed to retard the absorption of carbohydrates and fats in the body. You’re supposed to take one pill before each meal and the pill will prevent the absorption of calories from the food. Its effectiveness is indeed doubtful, but what you need to understand is that these pills leave you with a lot of side effects.

Herbal formulas

These come in different forms like patches, pills and powders. They’re supposed to be a quick fix to losing weight but they hardly show up any results. These again can have some severe side effects.

Belts and wraps

There are vibrator belts and sauna belts which are believed to help you with weight loss, but before you get one, discuss with your physician whether they are actually safe and practical. The heat based belts often leave your skin scarred, while the vibrator ones can damage your abdominal muscles.

The scam punch-lines

Those are the three most popular weight loss scams that have been making good money.  Now let’s take a look at what are the usual false promises that most of these weight loss scams make, and maybe the next time you see an advertisement you’ll be able to find out whether it’s for a genuine weight loss product or a complete scam.

Most of these scams make big and unbelievable promises like overnight weight loss, no need to diet, no need to exercise, permanent weight loss, you can eat as much as you like without gaining weight and that the product is a medical breakthrough. Most of these scams ask for a lot of money and will try to prove their worth with testimonials carrying pictures of people before and after the program.

Sidharth Thakur