Don at Justify Your Cheating

emotional-cheating There are instances when you sneak out of your relationship, and although you do accept it inside that you have cheated on your partner, you still try to justify that your act doesn’t count as cheating.

However, the fact remains that if what you’ve done feels or sounds like cheating, then it probably is cheating. Here are some situations where we normally tend to justify our infidelity as being something very casual and what really doesn’t count as cheating.

Having sex with your ex

An occasional sexual slip-up where you indulge in sex with your ex is definitely counted as cheating, even though you may try to justify it with the reason that you have already been there and have already done it with him earlier.

Sometimes, even deep inside, you may not feel that you have been unfaithful because the person you had sex with was not someone new and was someone you have already slept with earlier. But sweetheart, that the wrong way to justify your infidelity because when your partner does come to know of what you have been doing, your relationship will have to bear the disastrous consequences.

You just can at have sex with your ex for the sake of old times, because there as one thing for sure that if you do end up having sex with your ex there is a high likelihood of your old relationship getting rekindled. If you have already done it, we suggest you put a stop right there and stop responding to any of his e-mails or his calls, unless you are willing to sabotage your current relationship.

No one will ever know

Sneaking out once in a way and convincing yourself, that since nobody will ever know about this single instance, it doesn’t really count as cheating. Maybe you’ve had sex with some stranger and nobody’s ever found out and you’ve never even seen that person again, and even if it is never going to come to the forefront, you have still betrayed your partners trust in you, and there is no better word then infidelity to describe what you’ve done.

If you feel you can easily get away with it, it is still wrong because you’re breaking the very basic rule of successful relationships. Though you may have observed all the precautions, you can never be sure that your infidelity will remain hidden forever, and the moment it sees the light of the day your partner might just walkout on you.

You didn’t have sex

If you think that not having sex and meeting someone just to establish an emotional and passionate bond, doesn at imply that you’re cheating on your partner, let me assure you that emotional infidelity is also infidelity.

Getting deeply involved, even on emotional levels only with someone, will definitely affect your relationship with your man and if he knows that you are an emotional cheater, even though he may not walk out on you, your relation will still suffer miserably.

  • Thanks for sharing this article, Looks like you nailed it. An extra-marital affair is the most embarrassing situation in life for both the partners and it indicates the failure of companionship and married life.