Don’t Have The Time To Style Up Your Hair?

hair-pins Hairdos don’t always have to be time consuming and cumbersome. Having some versatile hair accessories in your arsenal is always fruitful, as it becomes very easy for you to give your hairstyle a lift using these accessories.

If not too many, stock in some of the basic hair accessories at least, like headbands, elastic bands, clips, hairpins and scarves. With these little things around, you won’t face much of a difficulty in styling up your hair within minutes.

Depending upon whether you’ve got under one minute or under five minutes, we’ve got some quick and easy hairstyles to help you out.

When you don’t have more than a minute

The easiest and the most convenient is of course the ponytail, because all that you need to do is to fling your hair back and secure them with some elastic bands or clutch clips. And equally easy is to leave them open, doesn’t matter whether they are curly or straight, while putting on a headband to keep them in place. For both the styles you just need to comb your hair back, and that doesn’t take more than 30 seconds to do.

If you’ve got some decorative hairpin, say about 4in. long, then you can try a simple hair bun. Brush your hair flat and pull them down towards the back of your neck, the way you would pull them if you were making a low ponytail.

Holding them tightly, twist them in one direction and twirl them into a bun. Finally secure them with the hairpin; alternatively you could use chopsticks to hold them in place. For a bit of an edge, you can also let loose one or two locks around your ears.

When you have more than a minute but less than five minutes

For special occasions, you may be willing to spend a bit more time on doing up your hair.

For starters, try this. First pull your hair on top of your head, as if you’re trying to create a high ponytail. In this position, secure your hair with a claw clip. Use a curling iron, to create smooth curls along the length of the hair.

Spray some hair spray on to them, to keep the curls intact and finally remove the claw clip. The gentle curls thus cast on to your shoulders look wonderful with halter necks and off-shoulder dresses.

There are several other hairdos that can be done within minutes, but apart from learning those try some creative tricks of your own, for an instant unique appeal.

Sidharth Thakur