Don’t Forget To Remove Your Makeup Before You Hit The Sack

makeup-remove Whether you use light make up or heavy makeup, the bottom line is that you must always remove your makeup every night before you get into the bed. Don’t ever let your tiredness be an excuse to avoid this one small habit, because this one little habit can make whole lot of difference to your natural beauty and skin health.

Makeup, after all, contains a lot of chemicals and although the cosmetic companies may advertise their cosmetics as being completely safe, you still can face a lot of side effects if you keep your skin hidden under a heavy layer of makeup for prolonged lengths of time.

Not removing the makeup from your face may leave you susceptible to a whole lot of potential threats, such as the eye shadow may get into the eye and may lead to some vision problems or leaving something on your skin for too long may lead to irritation and rashes.

Apart from the potential threats, the overall health of your facial skin also suffers deeply when it remains concealed below layers of makeup. The makeup clogged pores make it difficult for your skin to breathe and to carry out the everyday repair and overhauling work that usually goes on when you’re sleeping.

Most women believe that washing their face with warm water may be sufficient to remove the makeup; however that may not be enough in most cases. To remove makeup and all its traces completely, the best way out is to use a makeup remover that is specifically formulated for the same.

There are makeup removers which are meant to be used to remove makeup from specific areas such as for removing eye make up, removing lip makeup or to remove makeup from the facial skin.

It is always better to have at least two different types of makeup removers, one which is specifically meant for removing makeup from the delicate skin around the eyes and one for the overall face. Our eyes are very sensitive, and unless you choose a good quality eye makeup remover you can irritate or even damage your eyes.

And finally when you remove all your makeup, do remember to moisturize your skin to help it rejuvenate while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Sidharth Thakur