Don at Confuse Sexual Dissatisfaction With Sexual Dysfunction

sexually_unsatisfied There can be numerous reasons why a woman may be experiencing sexual dysfunction. However when you deeply analyze the situation you may find that most of these women are not suffering from sexual dysfunction rather they are sexually dissatisfied, because of which sex fails to excite them.

Besides certain medical conditions which may lead to a drop in a womanas sexual desires, the other things that take a toll on her sexual life are work fatigue, being over occupied with children or household chores, experiencing emotional problems and being on antidepressants on such a strong medication.

Here are some important factors which influence a woman as sexual desire.

A negative body image

Self consciousness is one of the main reasons, which makes a woman disinterested in sexual activities. A negative body image, where she constantly keeps thinking that she is fat, ugly or shapeless, makes a woman hesitant to show off her body even to her partner. She feels too ashamed to undress in front of her partner, because most of the time she as trying to compare herself with the perfect bodied actresses and models, she keeps watching on TV or in magazines.

Sexually repressed

This is another significant reason why most women remain sexually dissatisfied. In most of the cultures across the world, a man has the liberty to talk about sex while if a woman begins talking openly about sex she is considered to be a slut. Thus when a woman is unable to express and talk about her sexual desires and the things that excite her, she can lose interest in sex.

The man as pleasure comes first

In most relationships, it is the man as pleasure which comes first, and a woman has to focus completely on how to leave her man satisfied. Now when it comes to the woman as sexual satisfaction, it doesn at figure anywhere and slowly the woman begins losing interest in sex.

Even in the present day society, it is the male sexuality that stays in focus, while a woman as desires and her sexual fantasies are something that must remain confined to her mind. So over the course of time sex becomes an obligation for the woman instead of a pleasure, thus giving way to sexual dissatisfaction.

In most cases sexual dysfunction in female is merely sexual dissatisfaction and thus making some changes in the sexual activities may be more fruitful than jumping in for some drugs.