Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Small Penis

If your penis falls short of six inches, it means you have a small penis than the average size. But there is no point of getting disappointed or demoralized since you can still achieve those dizzying highs which a person with bigger penis does.

You have to take care about certain things while engaging your partner and remember one thing it is not the length but size i.e. width that matters the most and off course how you perform your act.


Make your foreplay more interesting and stimulating. The more you focus on making your partner happy before the act the more willing she will become during the actual act.

And by doing it skillfully there is no doubt that your woman will worship your small penis as much as she would have to a bigger one.

Don’t just limit yourself by kissing and caressing add some spice to it, start with some sexy pillow talk and then move towards gentle biting and pulling ,even spanking is not a bad idea if you want to be a bit kinky. The whole objective of foreplay is to lavish so much of love and attention towards her that she herself begs to you for sex.


To have a smooth intercourse the clitoris should be adequately stimulated. Use oral sex or manual stimulation before any intercourse so that the clitoris is stimulated and make her climax at least once before you do the actual penetration.


Snake position

Make your woman lay flat on her belly and make sure that her legs are closed. You can slip a pillow under her hips so that her bottom arches a bit upward. Then gently straddle her hips by keeping your knees bent and slide your way into her bottom. But make sure to keep your weight off her body to keep her safe from any kind of injury.

Doggie position

This is one of the best position for people with small penis but make sure to lean forward during penetration and hold her as much tightly as possible. This will enable her to reach sexual peak smoothly and quickly.And I am sure by following these methods and positions no one will feel the need to have a bigger penis.