Don’t Act Shy When You’re in Bed with a Man

Women are moistly shy when it comes to sex, but a man loves a woman to go easy and enjoy when she is in bed with him. Your embarrassed or shy look is a major turnoff for a man. So you must overcome the usual inhibitions that most women have when they are in bed with a man.

If you remain timid or shy, none of you will enjoy having sex, and chances are you may never be on any man’s preference list for sex. Be bold in the bed and he will keep coming to you for more. Here are the three top things that men hate to see a woman getting cautious about when they are making love to her.

Conscious about personal hygiene

Unless you have really a terrible mouth odor, there is no reason for you to get conscious about personal hygiene when having sex. Men just love to be dirty, when it comes to sex, so forget about your sweating armpits and the odor emanating from your pubic region. Your natural smell and that slightly salty sweaty taste of your skin, is in fact a big turn on for men.

Don’t you like a man’s body smell and the taste of his sweat, it’s just the same for them – they too love all these things. And as for your mouth odor, use a mouth refreshing spray and forget about it. Remember one thing there is a ravenous caveman in every man, and that caveman craves natural body odor and sweat.

Keeping the lights on

Some women are shy to expose their naked bodies even to the man they are having sex with, and they ask for the lights to be turned off. Doing it all in the dark isn’t sexy at all. A man wants to get visual pleasure of looking at your body as he thrusts you.

Looking at your bare skin, while having sex, keeps the man excited all the way. So don’t ask for the lights to be switched off or don’t try to pull the sheets over your body, and deprive him of the visual pleasure he seeks. Don’t be embarrassed that you don’t have a shapely body, because one thing is obvious that if he is having sex with you he likes whatever your body looks like.

Touching a man’s genitals

Ok you’ve seen it in the movies that it’s his delicate part, but don’t hesitate to touch and feel his organ. And worst still don’t touch it like you were touching a dead mouse – or he is just going to hate you for this. The penis is every man’s prized possession, and he’ll love it if you pamper and stroke it a little with your hands.