Don’t Panic About First Time Sex

When it comes to having first time sex, nearly every woman gets overly nervous, not that men don’t, but for women its way too much. Quite possible because women have played a somewhat hesitation filled role, for ages. However, you can make yourself more comfortable and more confident for first time sex, by understanding some basic things about the art of love making. Here is all that you need to know, in order to have a memorable first time sex experience.

The touching and feeling

Sex in not just penetration and ejaculation, its about building a rapport between each others body and taking each other to a level of heightened pleasure. And for that touching and feeling each others bodies is vital. Skin is the largest sensory organ, and it reciprocates well to touching and feeling. Use your hands to touch and feel your man’s body, while he does the same with you.

Touching stimulates the body to such an extent that the feel good hormones called endorphins are released in the brain, and you become aroused and excited. There is nothing more ecstatic in love making than touching and feeling your partner. It is through touch that you will be able to discover eat others excitement triggers, and for the next time you’ll know exactly where to tough your partner to drive him crazy.

His organ is a lover

Most women who are going in for first time sex fear a man’s organ. But you must understand the little fellow is no demon, its in-fact the magic wand that will give you ultimate pleasure. And believe me – it doesn’t bite and it’s completely harmless, so don’t be hesitant to touch and stroke a man’s penis. Your man would love you for respecting and loving his little fellow.

The breaking of the hymen

Nearly every woman who is about to have sex for the first time is utterly terrified about how painful and discomforting the breaking of the hymen will be. Most women confess that the rupture of the hymen with first time sex, didn’t feel more than a minor prick. And that little pain just got dissolved in the pleasure, and they couldn’t really feel anything a few minutes later. Just forget about the hymen, you won’t even realize when it ruptures with first time sex.