Don’t Let Work Override Your Love Life

love For the present day women, work and career are an inseparable part of life, and quite like men, women too want to make a mark and reach higher in their professional life.

An ambition and a desire to excel in one’s profession begins right from college days, and the moment you get your first job you try hard to make a good name and increase your earnings and your social status.

Work, work, work

There is a mad chase for bigger pay packages and promotions. Work is definitely important, especially when you’ve spent so many years on your education you want it to be fruitful and you want to make it big in the world. But somewhere in this run, we forget about love and relationships and our work takes precedence over everything else.

With professionally active women, love relationships and their life partners are usually seen taking the back seat. Somewhere in the mind, you still do think about them but it is just that you are hardly able to spare out the time for your love life.

You begin thinking, let this task get over or let this project finish or let me get that promotion, and then I’ll get back to my love life and give my life partner the due attention.

But well, that hardly ever happens because you achieve one goal, and you’ve got another goal right there, standing face up, in front of you. You just can’t let anything on your professional list just slip by because you’re scared that you might lose up in the competition. And that’s when relationships begin to turn bitter, and the both of you just drift apart.

Get in some love

Now the big question is what should you do to balance out your personal and your professional life?

Just sit down and reevaluate the goals of your life, splitting them down into personal and professional categories. Then just review what all you’ve done in both the areas of life, and see that you’ve not been compromising on your personal life just to keep up with the professional race.

None of these aspects should reign supreme, since both of them are important. If you have been ignoring your love for your work, then you’ll have to learn the art of being multifaceted, so as to enjoy ultimate happiness and make both your love life and your professional life to bloom.

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Sidharth Thakur