Does Your Toddler Have Bad Breath?

toddler-Bad-Breath The problem of plagues not just adults, but even toddlers at times. There are a variety of things that can causes bad breath in toddlers. Some of these are:

Poor dental hygiene:

Gum problems like gingivitis, tartar buildup, tooth infection and abscess are some of the things that may be responsible for your toddler’s bad breath. Trapped food particles or a coating left by some foods on the roof of the mouth or on the tongue, can also be the reason.

Use of pacifiers

Toddlers love to suck their thumb, their toys and even their clothing, besides the pacifiers you may give them. And most of these things may be covered with bacteria, which lead to bad breath.

Cold and Sinus

Colds and sinuses, which are often accompanied by constant nasal discharge, may also be the reason for your toddler’s bad breath.


Toddler’s suffering from the problem of gastro-esophageal reflux, usually have a bad breath.


When your child doesn’t get enough fluids to meet his daily body requirements, his mouth may become dry, and this dryness provides a breeding opportunity for the bad breath causing bacteria.

Things you can do to treat your toddler’s bad breath

1. Ensure your toddler gets adequate fluids all through the day.

2. Work on your toddler’s dental hygiene by teaching him the right technique of brushing the teeth. Let him know how long he needs to brush to ensure properly clean teeth, and if necessary use a timer.

3. Besides getting your toddler onto a regular dental hygiene routine, discuss your kid’s problem with a pediatric dentist and let him take a look at his teeth and gums to rule out any gum problems or other health problems that may require specialized treatment.

4. Sanitize all products that your toddler sucks, as frequently as possible, such as pacifiers, toys and his towels and napkins.

Sidharth Thakur