Does Your Make Up Make You Look Old?

10yy Actress Jessica Biel is not only one of the famous celebrities today but is also adored by a lot of people for her beautifully toned body. Known to be in a relationship with vocalist Justin Timberlake, she has a wide fan-base all over the world. However, even such a celebrity is prone to fashion disasters. If you have seen her picture in 2003, you will know what a blunder it was on her part.

So, if you want to avoid such fashion gaffes, keep the following in mind:

Though red lips have an eternal charm, don’t let your eye makeup (strong) to interfere with it. If you decide on having bright lip colors, keep the remaining part of makeup light or else you will end up looking like a clown. Remember that heavy eye-makeup will make you look aged. The use of heavy shadow till your brows is an extreme step unless you have a stage performance.

Use the shimmer with care. In the November 2007 issue of famous Marie Clare magazine, Lauren Hutton – a former model, compared the shimmer to runway lights of the airport. She told that a shimmer can make each wrinkle, fine line and pore of your face stand out and become easily noticeable. Hutton has the right to say such things as she founded her own makeup line when the products available in the market were unable to flatter her aging skin and fell short of her expectations.

You should also choose the proper outfit. Select a dress that fits you and makes you comfortable. If you select dark shades for your lips, wear a simple yet classy dress.

So, keep these suggestions in mind to steer clear of any fashion disasters. Just compliment your outfit with the proper makeup and a positive attitude and you won’t need to worry.

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