Does Steam Help Cure Acne?

Does Steam Help Acne

Does Steam Help Acne Steam has been a cure all method for women across the world. There are so many things steam can do. The steam-oil therapy helps to keep your hair healthy. The skin remains radiant and younger with steam treatment. For any beautician, after water, the magic potion, steam is the solution to all kinds of problems.

Steaming the aching body parts also helps one to get rid of the ache. What is more relaxing than a sauna spa? It seems, using steam as a cure all is not a recent phenomenon. The city of Bath in Great Britain derived its name from the Roman bath, the roman built by channeling the mineral rich hot spring into a great building with pools and fountains in which the Roman soldiers relaxed after their long and tiring journeys.

Have you noticed that people who regularly use steam of their face have beautiful acne free face?  Have you ever wondered how it happens? How come, they never have pimples or acne break outs? The answer is simple; steam actually helps in reducing acne. But how is that possible? A little reasoning would prove that it is indeed very much possible. So how does it work?

Acne is the result of bacterial infection inside the pores where the oil and sebum secreted by the skin accumulate. When your immunity is down due to hormonal changes or any other factor, the bacteria go berserk and become active and attack the skin. Although the acne and pimple pattern may be different, the root cause is almost the same which is bacterial infection and its manifestation.

When you use steam on your face, it works at different levels. The heat from the steam opens up the pores. So, it actually becomes easier to clean the pores of all oil and sebum. This is also a reason, when you go for a facial treatment to your beautician, he or she often puts a towel soaked in warm water on your face and leaves it there for some time. So, if the oil and sebum is removed, the bacteria have nothing to feed on and therefore no pimple or no acne break out.

Again, if you steam your face, the dead skin and the dry flakes soften up and it becomes very easy to remove them with a scrub later. Removing the dead skin allows your skin to breathe and helps it to absorb your good skin products more effectively as well. Since, the pores also get cleaned; again, there would be no acne.

The last but not the least reason is that, micro-organisms usually do not survive at too high or too low temperature. When you use steam on your face, the heat from the fume affects the bacteria. Remember steam can be stronger than water at the same temperature because of the latent heat. This high temperature usually kills the bacteria which sit deep inside your pores and cause acne. No bacteria, no acne. Hence, steam actually helps eradicate acne is not a myth, it is indeed a scientific truth.



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