Does He Love You – Get The Answer

When you are in love, you want to be sure that the person you love loves you too. The question “does he love me” may haunt you and cause serious trouble to your mental tranquility. But not all men are equally vocal about their love. So, you need to find out by his actions whether he loves you or not.

A man in love with a woman will want to take care of her in every possible way. He will make sure that you are safe and happy. He will be protective about you. He will also be concerned about your feelings and emotions. He will be truly interested in your words and will pay full attention to you while you speak.

He will call you quite a number of times on any given day. He will do so not only because he is concerned about your safety and wellbeing but also because he is missing you and his mind is continuously reminding him of you.

Men are pretty possessive about certain objects or goods they own. They do not even let anyone touch those things that they consider personal and that are close to their heart. So, if he shares everything with you, even the things that he is possessive about, then that’s because he values you much more than those dear objects of his.

If he loves you, he will ask for your suggestion or advice on topics or decisions which are really important to him. He will also try to spend more and more time with you and when he is with you, you can actually see the joy on his face.

Sometimes those little gestures also say a lot about his true love for you. He may try to cook something for you or write a poem or song and dedicate that to you. He never misses out to give flowers or gifts to you on your birthday.

Does he compliment you now and then? Does he try to make you feel special by his little gestures? Does he notice every little change in your dressing, style or appearance? Well, if you find many of these points common in your man then there’s no reason to keep the question in your mind because your man is truly and deeply in love with you.

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