Do your Hair and Look Pretty

Looking beautiful is a dream of every woman. Right make up, right shoes, right dress and right accessories makes you look perfect. But you are missing a very important part of your look that is your hair.

Look starts from the top only. You can do many things with your hair. You can try different hairstyles to give yourself a totally new look.

But always keep one thing in mind; try that hair style only which look beautiful on you or try that hair do which suits your face cut. Otherwise, you will simply look funny or a fashion-mistake. You can use different types of hair accessories to make your hair style more beautiful and stylish. There are different types of accessories available in the market. You can take according to your budget.

You can try something new like just spritz. Wet your hair with the thickening lotion. After that just scrunch your hair while using blow dryer. Do not use brushes, just massage your hair from the roots or from the back of the head to give a little lifted look?

Every time ponytails are made at the back of the head, why not to try something new with it. You can do experiments like shifting your ponytail from back to the side. It will look more stylish and trendy.

You can surely try thick blunt bangs. It looks beautiful. It is the perfect hairstyle that shows off women’s’ beautiful face.

If you have no time to do your hair then you do not have to worry much. You have the best idea to make your hair look beautiful in five minutes. Just give a side-part to your hair. If you want then you can also pin it or make a pony at back. Side parting can be done from any side whether left or right. It will surely make you look beautiful and special among others.

You can go for pretty hair bands that will make your simple hairstyle into a stylish one. You can also try curls in your hair. For that, just blow dry your damp hair and then apply large barrel curling iron in different section of your hair. You can also use thin layer of hair-spray. You can gently curl your hair with your fingers to give a natural look. This way you become ready to get compliments.