Do You Think You Are In Love Or Is It Lust?

sexdrive There’s this guy you’ve been meeting for some time, and the two of you have shared some fun movements. You’ve slept with each other but you’re still not sure whether what the two of you share is love or is it lust. Well, that’s the kind of confusion a lot many younger women face with new relationships.

Here’s how you can separate love  or lust relationship

The next morning

What’s the episode like on the next morning, after you’ve had some sizzling sex at night? If you wake up wondering why this fellow is sleeping next to you, and then all you want to do is to wake him up and ask him to leave, then it’s crystal clear that the two of you got together just to have some good time in the bed. On the other hand, if the next morning you wake up to a soft kiss or a tight hug, then the chances are that the two of you are walking on the path of love.

Its sex all the time

Observe the kind of conversation the two of you have been having, and if you’ve been talking nothing except for sex then the answer is obvious that the two of you are together just to fulfill your sexual desires.

On the contrary, when the guy makes you feel comfortable and wants to discuss things about his life, his family or his future then there’s more to your relationship than just lust. Also, such guys would be good listeners and would be always eager to know more about you.

Are you dating

Have you ever had moments where you could feel the romance and the passion for each other? It doesn’t necessarily have to be some lavish candlelight dinner. If on any of your dates you’ve just hung out with each other, had some lovely talk and most importantly you guys didn’t end up having sex, then chances are that the two of you are in love.