Do You Believe In Soul Mates?

The word “soul mate” has a magical charm for many. With its mystical quality and the image similar to that of a divine emissary, many people believe a soul mate to be the one person that you should try to find out.

The mad search for a soul mate who will love you, understand the depth of your feelings, accept you as you are and live with you forever seems to be an unending quest for many. Still, it’s very difficult to come out of the charm woven by the romantic image of a soul mate that we have known for so many years.

In fact, many people believe that their lives will be perfect if a soul mate was there beside them. They will no longer have feelings of loneliness or sadness. Only eternal bliss and more will be there in their perfect lives. Well, that’s a rosy picture – no doubt about it, but is the idea of a soul mate realistic? I doubt.

I think that dreaming about a soul mate serves as a big distraction in our life. It takes us away from reality and we begin to live in a world of dreams. Another pitfall is that such an obsession with a non existent ideal will make a person unable to accept and love those people in his/her life who are no match for the ideal soul mate and are pretty imperfect by that standard. Such people also face problem accepting their own flaws as well. All these will make a loving relationship difficult to work in the lives of these people.

However, all’s not grim and dark. I believe firmly that you can create soul mates.  If we can learn to shower more love, forgive those little flaws of others and our own, we will be able to find our soul mate in that spouse or partner, who has been there all along through the ups and downs of life.

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