Do-s and Dont-s Before You Get Back with Your Ex


Most of us are aware that not all relationships last forever. In some instances, two people discontinue their relationships and move away from each others lives. No matter how the relationship had been, a break up is always an unpleasant affair.

In the period after the breakup, one usually faces bouts of melancholy and loneliness. In these vulnerable instances, thoughts of resuming the broken connection do arise, more often than not. However, before you take any concrete measures, there are a few things you should consider first:

Focus on the issue that ultimately drove both of you apart, be it infidelity, bad communication or incompatibility. Has it been resolved? If not, then there is really no ground to renew the relationship. Things will turn to being the same once more if the reason of contention has not been resolved mutually.

This is one time when you must let your mind do all the work and not be led my emotions. This is one crucial stage where logical interpretation of the situation is more viable than an emotional one. Do not let your feelings shroud your sensibilities. Analyze the situation as objectively as you can and see which decision will actually lead to more fruitful results.

If you choose to reunite, be sure to heal your older wounds prior to getting involved again. Do not harbor any of the past bitterness or anger. If you are unable to dissolve those, then maybe you should take a backseat and think it over one more time.

If you are choosing to resume, also make sure that you treat this relationship just like a new one, without any preconceived expectations of before. Take it slow and do not rush. Also, do not keep scoreboards of happenings of the past and talk about it. Let those bygones be truly bygones.

You might think of discussing it with your closest friend, who knows you well to suggest the best. Not that they will decide for you, but it is always good to hear opinions of near and dear ones and get a feel of their take on the matter in hand.

Be responsible for yourself and take the best decision.

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