Do A Strip Tease For Your Man

intimate-couple-kissing If you’ve been thinking about adding in a fresh punch of excitement to your otherwise monotonous sex life, then the thought of stripteasing for your guy must have crossed your mind, at least once.

It’s certainly a great idea, but before you actually do the walk, here are some things that can help you in pulling up the whole show in full style.

Set up the scene

Sometime during the day just given him a call or e-mail him, to give him a hint that you have something special for him tonight. Or better still; just ask him to pick up a bottle of champagne while on his way back home. In the evening just call him up once again to find out what time he’d be reaching home, and just about ten minutes before his expected arrival put on your chosen music tracks, turn down the lights a bit, light up candles and do whatever else you want to make the scene look perfect.

The starting

Open the door for him, carelessly throwaway his office bag onto some couch (so none of his office gadgets inside get damaged),  kick the door back to lock it and order him to sit on the couch. Don’t just get down to the act so early, and parade around a little with your breasts pushing forward and your hips a little backward. While walking place your one foot directly in front of the other, and just feel proud and sassy to get that sexy bounce in your walk.

Begin the show

Begin unbuttoning your shirt in a sexy and flirty style, and shrug your shoulders to slide it down in one smooth manner. Let it fall to the floor, and cup your breasts and fondle them a little before you get down to removing your skirt.

To remove your skirt, turn your back to him and look over the shoulder as you unzip your skirt. Let your butt stick out by arching your back all this while. Turn around and let the shirt fall to the floor. Step out of the skirt remaining careful that you don’t trip over it.

Drop the last shields

By now you would be standing in front of him in your underclothing, that’s your bra and your undies. Turn around and with your back towards him, unhook the bra. Turn back to face him, and slowly drop the bra, while keeping your breasts covered with your arm.

Play around a bit with your nipples and your breasts till you can sense your man nearly gasping with excitement. However, don’t let this teasing go on for more than five minutes. Next its time to remove your panty, slide it down slowly while letting your fingers run on your smooth thighs, and then pull out one leg after the other from it. Play around a bit more with your body, till he can no more keep his hands off you.