DMAE : is it safe?

While no side effects have been seen in a large number of people taking DMAE Tablets, it does not mean that taking DMAE is perfectly safe because there are some cases, though very few, where side effects have been reported. Drowsiness, elevated blood pressure and confusion have been noticed in people suffering with Alzheimer’s, when DMAE Was administered as a supplement.

In perfectly normal people symptoms like headache, tightening of muscles, weight loss, insomnia and irritability have come up as some of the noticeable side effects experienced on regular oral consumption of DMAE.

Knowing all this, it makes perfect sense to consult your physician before taking DMAE Supplement, especially so if you’re suffering from some major problems like epilepsy, kidney and liver related diseases.

While consuming DMAE orally has shown unfavorable effects, local application of DMAE creams and lotions have not proven to cause any side effects. Nevertheless, when applying DMAE based cosmetics for the first time you should remain watchful about occurrence of any unusual rashes or other symptoms.

With the ever increasing number of cosmetic companies launching DMAE based cosmetics, you’re sure to find the cosmetic shelves of departmental stores loaded with DMAE creams and lotions. Quite a few multilevel marketing companies have also launched DMAE creams, and if you have joined any of those networking companies you might as well buy your DMAE products on a good discount.

As far as DMAE Supplements and tablets are concerned, they can be purchased over the counter at most health stores and pharmacists. Even though these are easily available, do make sure to discuss with your doctor, whether you should have DMAE tablets or not before making any purchases. And in case you experience any peculiar symptoms, discontinue use and go to your doctor.

DMAE does produce some good results on your skin and the improvement can be seen in the overall appearance. However, you need to use it regularly for a few months before you can see any noticeable change. Don’t expect any dramatic or instant effect, and certainly don’t expect to see the same results as you would see with a face lift. Still you can always give it a try.

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Sidharth Thakur