DMAE: How It Gives You A Natural Face Lift

dmae There’s a lot of talk and hype about DMAE, which is a naturally occurring substance and is believed to have excellent effects on your beauty as well as your brains. These days it’s easy to find creams, tablets, syrups and capsules containing DMAE, to enhance your beauty with topical application and your brain by eating these supplements.

However, there still isn’t any exact poof of the benefits and also there hasn’t been much of research conducted into finding the side effects of DMAE.

For beauty and brains

Most of these DMAE based product manufacturers claim that applying DMAE to your skin in the form of cream or lotions does a wonderful job in tightening the skin and giving you a natural face-lift, without the need for a surgery. Now, while beauty is one area where DMAE finds usage, it is also being sold as a health supplement to improve brain power.

DMAE leads to the production of certain chemicals in the brain which help in improving memory, concentration and comprehension. In some parts of the world, these supplements are being used by psychiatrists to treat psychological and brain related problems like Alzheimer’s and attention deficit disorders.

How effective is it

There haven’t been any lab tests or detailed researches to prove the effectiveness of applying DMAE creams and lotions directly on the skin. But there have been a few studies which reveal that DMAE helps in the tightening and toning of the skin, especially the delicate and overly susceptible skin around the eyes.

Most studies show that DMAE does produce a visible difference when used for longer durations. But nonetheless, you mustn’t expect the results to be as dramatic as in case of a surgical face-lift. It’s a slow and gradual process and the results will show up only if you continue using the product over a period of several months.

When applied regularly DMAE based creams and lotions will tighten up the skin and help get rid of the sagging skin. DMAE also has some antioxidant properties which protects your skin membrane from the damage caused by free radicals.

While topical application is one way to treat your skin with DMAE, you can also eat DMAE tablets, but only after consulting your Physician. Aside from tablets, the safest way to add DMAE to your diet is to eat fish such as anchovies and sardines as both these types have a lot of DMAE in them.

Sidharth Thakur