Distressing Your New Jeans

If you are one avid lover of distressed jean fashion, then you surely know how exorbitant it is to buy a pair of perfectly faded designer comfortable jeans. When the fashion savvy woman inside you is craving for a pair of distressed denim, but your pocket doesn’t support the idea, then you can get yourself a pair of regular jeans and carry out the distressing at home.

If you’re willing to make that extra effort then get yourself a branded regular jean, say Wranglers, Abercrombie or Levi’s, and that you’ll find within 30 to 50 dollars. Now that’s something like one fourth or one fifth of what you would normally pay for designer distressed denim. And here are two techniques that you can use to produce the desired distressed effect on your simple inexpensive pair of jeans to make it look classy and designer material.


Get a disposable razor blade, preferably that’s been used at least once or twice, and shave the denim the way you shave of your skin. Place your jeans on a hard surface and smooth out all the creases before you start shaving. Make smooth and short strokes, being overly careful that you do not rip off the fabric.

Do it slowly and keep watching the shade of the denim change as the softer un-dyed cotton comes to the forefront. If you don’t have a razorblade available, the other thing you can use is the blade of the scissors, but with this one you should turn the jeans inside out and scrape only on the inside. As the fabric starts thinning, you will be able to see the fading effect on the outside.


Take an old soft toothbrush, and spatter some beach over the area where you need the fading, such as the knees and hips. Make smooth light strokes with the toothbrush and then rinse off your jeans and let it dry.  Check whether your jean has achieved the desired fading; if not then repeat the process. It is always advisable that you go ahead with fading your jeans, using bleach, gradually and keep checking the results after every application.

If you’re scared that you might over-bleach your jeans, which may eventually damage the fabric, then dilute the beach with some vinegar and water solution, and instead of using the tooth brush make use of bathing sponge to spread the solution over your jeans.

Sidharth Thakur