Disorders from panic attacks

The whole world is working under extreme pressure both mental and physical that is leading to extreme situations of panic. There are times where we can survive the panic, and yet there are situations where we fail to survive the same, leading to getting attacked by more resultants of panic.

Anxiety is the primary fruit of extended panic. These are general human emotions experienced by all. However the situation worsens when these occurrences prolong into long-term disorders resulting from anxiety and panic. There are generalized disorders, and then there are issues like panic disorders and social anxieties.

To prevent such escalated situations from occurring, we need to understand the basics and origins of such issues first. There are medically proven several anxiety related issues. “Panic Disorders” are those where the patient is under a constant feeling of terror, and this attack of panic comes suddenly and frequently without any such warnings. The symptoms include heavy sweating, palpitations, chest pain, and as well as a choked-up feeling.

Another form of such disorder is the “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”. The people who are inundated by this disorder normally practice certain rituals in order to fight their continuous thoughts and feeling of terror. Such disturbing thoughts of fear are medically called “obsessions”, and the performed rituals are or the routines are known as “compulsions”. An ideal example can be someone who is always in a fear of infections and germs, and constantly washes their feet and hands in regular intervals.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” is another of the much dreaded conditions of panic driven scenarios. Unfortunate events such as physical or sexual assaults that had taken place in the past or the unanticipated death of someone close, or even any natural disaster can lead to such condition.

“Social Anxiety Disorder” that is ideally known as “Social Phobia” is a condition where the patient is mentally overwhelmed with regular social situations. The fear commonly revolves around a constant fear of being publicly judged, or of being overly conscious by thinking of situations here they may get ridiculed or embarrassed by others because of certain behavioral issues.

Then there are some “Specific Phobias”. Such phobias are mainly fruits of extreme fear of some particular situations of objects, like altitudes, snakes, flights etcetera. The fear level increases to an extent where the person becomes unable to practice general daily routines, and even start avoiding daily situations.